Chocolate-Strawberry Smoothie - Vegan + Dairy-Free

chocolate strawberry smoothie
Chocolate and strawberries - antioxidant power.

On a detox kick but craving something fabulous? Have I got a seductive and sexy smoothie recipe for you. If you love chocolate dipped strawberries, this dairy-free breakfast treat has your name on it. Rich in antioxidants (organic cocoa powder anyone?) and dairy-free to boot, this vegan breakfast tastes more like dessert than the robust boost of protein that it is.

Sip it like the goddess you are. Feel fabulous.

Chocolate-Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

A chocolate hug and big thanks to Kelly at Celiac Chicks for turning me on to a tasty brown rice vegan protein powder that comes in vanilla (and it's gluten-free).


1 cup chilled gluten-free organic vanilla hemp, organic soy milk, or coconut milk, preferably fortified with calcium and vitamin D
2 heaping tablespoons Nutribiotic Vanilla Rice Protein Powder
1 tablespoon organic cocoa powder
4-5 organic frozen strawberries
1 teaspoon agave, or pinch of stevia, to taste


Pour the chilled rice/hemp/coconut milk into a blender and add the protein powder, cocoa and agave. Whip till well blended.

Add the frozen strawberries one at a time and blend on high till smooth.

Consume immediately, with gusto.

Makes one smoothie. 

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Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...


I have been looking for a new protein powder..methinks you found it for me.

Thanks. :D

Jo said...

I've used that protein powder before - I like the chocolate flavor!

Question: have you ever thought about doing a "Kiss my Gluten-Free Ass" or "I Bike Gluten-Free" cycling jersey? I'm a female cyclist and would love to have a jersey I could show off to the world that tells them hey, I don't live on wheat pasta like the rest of you cyclists! And your designs are SOOO Awesome - people at my natural foods store always compliment my gluten-free t-shirt I bought from your CafePress site!

Alisa said...

Mmm, thanks Karina, this sounds yummy... smoothie addict here!

Lynn Barry said...

It appears you are doing fantastic in your new lifestyle of eating...I am so happy for you. HUGS

GFCF Mommy said...

This looks yummy! My little boy will love it! I am glad you are feeling better. This is my first time to write, but you have been in my thoughts.

I only discovered you about 6 mos ago and I am sorry it has taken me until now to thank you for changing my life. My 4 yo son has autism, food allergies, & has been on the gfcf diet for 2 yrs. When he went GFCF, the hubby & I did too. I discovered my own gluten intolerance due to this.

Your philosophy of GF cooking opened my eyes to simpler, more wholesome cooking. Prior to discovering the ways of the goddess, I, too, had a fridge full of GF flours and lots of yukky ready-prepared GFCF foods.

Hang in there, remember you are a goddess. You really are one to me since you made me love food again and helped me show my little one how to love food.

GFCF Mommy

Kelly said...

Hey Karina,

Glad that works for you! :) The kefir baby will be in the mail as soon as I get myself to the grocery store to buy the necessary items to ship it in.
Hugs back!

JO- I totally understand your biker girl situation!

x-emmanuelle said...

This smoothie is really good. I have made it for my kids and they loved it. Thanks, great blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Karina! I love smoothies! Do you think this would work with a hand held blender as well? I get the vibe that you are feeling better and I am so glad.

monicalee said...

Hi! I just found you and featured you on my blog, do hope you don't mind! How did you find out you had other food allergies? I have been gluten free for almost 2 years amd still have inexplained food sensetivies! I love your blog, it cheered me up today!

Karina Allrich said...

Hey Slacker Mom, Hope you like it too. :)

Jo - Oh I want to try the chocolate version. Yum. As for bike jersies... I use Cafe Press and at the moment they do not offer a bike jersy. I'll keep my eye out, though...

Hi Alisa, Smoothie's are addictive, aren't they? ;)

Hi Lynn - Hugs back atcha!

GFCF Mommy - Thank you so much for your kind words - it means a great deal to me. I will be totally GF/CF from now on - so I hope to be posting many recipes suitable for you and your son. :) Take care!

Hola Kelly! I love this rice powder - thank you for turning me on to it. [hugs]

Thanks, X-Emmanuelle. I'm glad!

Hey Jen - The trouble with the hand-held blender wands is that they "struggle" with frozen fruit. You can end up with smoothie splatter - all over the kitchen! ;)

Hello Monica Lee! Welcome. I found out about my additional allergies via a blood test - a food allergy blood panel. It's an easy and effective way to find out other food sensitivities.

Be well!


Amanda on Maui said...

Oh, my nerd boy will love this! He was just saying he wants more strawberry smoothies, and he loves chocolate, so this is a great combo for him.

meSamuelle said...

is there gluten in Sweet Rice? Well, steam some Sweet rice. Cool. Open a can of coconut milk; pour some on steamed sweet rice, then sprinkle some minced fresh mint leaves/roasted sesame seeds; and sweeten rice with your kind of sugar. Slice some fresh mangoes to complement your rice .... yumm ENJOY!

One Little Thread said...

Yum this is great. I use raw cocoa powder though, as it's choc full of magnesium which, in addition to all the allergies I discovered, found that I was seriously deficient in.
Thanks so much for you Blog, you saved my sanity over this past year :) Alison

Anonymous said...

Karina, You might also like this "creamy" smoothie: rice milk + vanilla rice protein + 1 frozen banana + 1-2 TB almond butter + cinnamon. Yum Yum! Nutribiotic also makes chocolate protein powder; I buy mine at vitacost for a great deal! :) Mollie

Winnie said...

I love the photo...I always find it challenging to photograph smoothies: I love all the bubbles in yours. Makes it looks so freshly blended and yummy.

Dinners and Dreams said...

Karina, I like the idea of chocolate covered strawberries in a drink. It sounds intriguing and sexy indeed. This is a goddess among the smoothies!


Spring said...

I just picked up my next container of this rice protein powder! (I buy plain though). SO excited for something new to try with it in the morning... along with my english muffins (your recipe) which are baking right now! Thank you!!

gfe--gluten free easily said...

What a great, beautiful, and delish way to detox, Karina! I'm game!!


The Therapist in the kitchen said...

Another nice recipe. Thank you.

Anna (Green Talk) said...


I would like to make this and keep in the fridge for boys in the morning. Do you think it will be okay to keep it overnight in a container? Also, would you add anything to it to for a good breakfast? They tend to eat as little as possible in the morning. I want to make them something they can grab and enjoy.

Also, if I don't put in the strawberries will it be okay?

The InTolerant Chef said...

Oooh, berries and chocolate, what's not to love?

rtuts said...

My mom got me an immersion blender set for Christmas (a goddess's dream come true!!) and it came with a food-processor-type base that I use for finely chopping onions (the good-quality plastic doesn't absorb the onion taste, thank goddess) and tonight I used it to make a variation of this smoothie!

I didn't have a few of the ingredients, so I just used coconut milk, frozen strawberries, two clementines, and a squirt of honey! It's a bit chunky, but delicious!!
-- Robin

Anonymous said...

LOL.. Jo is funny! Gotta get her that shirt. LOL

Anonymous said...

JUST made some, and it's DIVINE! :) I added some fresh greens (a spring mix) and flax seed powder, and used soy milk instead of almond or rice. I also didn't really measure the cocoa powder, I just dumped in a whole lot. And used 7 strawberries. And it's GREAT!!

~ Jessica
(posted as Anonymous cuz I don't have any of those other profiles)

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