Peanut Butter Banana Cake

Gluten free peanut butter banana cake
My gluten-free peanut butter banana cake was inspired by a sandwich.

Karina's Peanut Butter Banana Cake Recipe- Low sugar

Recipe originally posted recipe May 2007.

I decided to experiment with a recipe that would be naturally sweet. Bananas came to mind. And then peanut butter. The classic combo makes for a tender, slightly sweet cake. Perfect with tea. Or a glass of ice cold rice milk. I even eat it for breakfast. It reminds me of the peanut butter-banana sandwiches I used to love.


4 ripe medium bananas, mashed 
1/2 cup organic natural peanut butter or sunflower seed butter
1/4 to 1/3 cup or honey
2 organic free-range large eggs (or Ener-G egg replacer)
2 teaspoons bourbon vanilla extract
1/2 cup coconut flour
1 cup fine almond meal
Dash of stevia powder
Dash of cinnamon or nutmeg, to taste
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt [if using salt-free peanut butter]


Pre-heat oven to 350ºF. Line a 8 or 9-inch cake pan with greased parchment.

Mix the wet ingredients in a bowl: bananas through vanilla. Set aside. In a separate bowl, whisk the dry ingredients. Beat the dry ingredients into the wet mixture till smooth and sticky.
Pour the batter into the prepared cake pan and place in the center of the pre-heated oven.

Bake until done - about 35 to 40 minutes - and a wooden pick inserted into the center emerges clean.

Cool on a wire rack before slicing and serving.

Cook time: 35 min

Yield: 8 slices

Freezes well, pieces wrapped individually. Yummy cold.

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Seed butters and other nut butters will work in this recipe as a sub for peanut butter.

For those of you who prefer sugar, you can sub 1/2 cup of packed golden brown sugar in place of stevia.

Ener-G brand egg-replacer is suitable for Passover; use in place of the baking soda/powder leavening.
Not only is the cake gluten-free and cane sugar free, Babycakes, it's grain-free and casein free, which makes it a suitable treat for all those autistic and Aspie angels out there.
Choose smooth peanut butter and finely ground blanched almond flour for the texture sensitive.


Geo said...

I recently discovered your blog, and what a treasure! Your cake looks delicious and i will try it this weekend, perhaps with the substitution of veg glycerine in place of the honey. I'm supposed to steer clear of all sugars, though I often rationalize honey.

Would you mind much letting me in on your wonderful plate secret? My husband and I have been hunting for new dishes recently and can't find what we like. Your blue plate is most inspiring. If it has a name and you're willing to tell it to me, would you pretty please with stevia on top send me a quickie email at pogofig at gmail dot com?

Garrett said...

Ooooh, i like this. Sounds very tasty! Maybe with some chocolate chips thrown in!

Fab Grandma said...

MMMM, looks yummy. I may be making this soon.

Peggy said...

just discovered your site and I am impressed, delighted, and amused-- I love your spunk, your style--I would love to hear you talk because I am sure you talk just like you write, which is warm, fun, serious and funny. And I am grateful for your good food ideas! I needed to make cookies for a 7 year old friend who was just diagnosed with serious allergies to gluten-soy-dairy-nuts and your flour substitute will work perfectly for my recipes. Baking, especially breads, used to be my hobby, but I just eliminated anything interesting, and miss it sometimes, but like you food has to be an intentional thing in my life now. You have encouraged me to stay careful! And tempted me with some of your recipes! Thanks! Keep up the good work. --Peggy

Christine said...

This is one of the most scrumptious desserts I've ever had in my life! We made it last night for our community group with 4 other couples, and we all about licked the plates. We ate it with freshly whipped heavy cream sweetened with a touch of brown rice syrup. HEAVENLY!! Thank you, thank you!

Carolina said...


I made a modified version of this as a birthday cake for my nephew, who is gluten and casein intolerant. I didn't have bananas or coconut flour, so I added applesauce and diced apples, and increased the almond four (I use a superfine blanched variety) by 1/2 cup. I used almond butter because my nephew's day care is a peanut-free zone, and I wanted him to be able to take leftovers with him as a snack.

He loved it. He wolfed down two whole pieces, which is quite impressive for a little boy of two years!!!!

Those of us who aren't gluten intolerant had a little taste, and we found it to be a wonderful light dessert. I will be making it for myself sometime soon!!!!

Thank you!!!!

ttfn300 said...

This is awesome :) Just came out of the oven and there was no way I wasn't diving right in!! Made some changes based on what I had, and cut down on alot of the sugar as my bananas were wicked ripe and I didn't want to feel too bad when I eat this for breakfast!! Thanks for the recipe :)

Erica said...

Thank you sooo much for this recipe. It has been a wonderful sweet treat so many times in this allergic person's household and even got to be a birthday cake for my partner when he was off dairy and sugar and wheat for a while. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karina-
Thanks for this great recipe! I thought it was really yummy (when I quickly snuck a bite as it was cooling) and I'm sure my 4 year old picky, autistic GFCF son will like it, too.
For flour I used Bette Hagman's 4 bean flour. I also added ground flax seed to the mix, since I try to get as many omega 3s into him as I can!
He loves "muffins" and other baked goods for breakfast, so I'm always looking for ways to sneak in protein and other nutrients. This does the trick. Thanks.

Adina said...

Hi, This is an amazing blog! Just wondering if there are any substitutions for the almond meal. I'm allergic to almonds:(
Thanks for all your recipes, I make a new one every week!

Karina Allrich said...

Any nut meal will work as a sub for almond meal. You can process pecans, hazelnuts or peanuts into a fine meal with a food processor.

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! I'm allergic to tree nuts (i.e. I can have peanuts but no other nuts) so the almond flour is out. Do you think quinoa flour or brown rice flour would work instead? Thanks! :)

Karina Allrich said...

Maybe. Cannot say for sure that you won't need to tweak it further. It's worth a try. I'd choose a GF flour blend with quinoa flour and sorghum, maybe (you don't want a full cup of quinoa flour- half only). If you experiment, please share results. Again- I made it this way, so cannot vouch for subbing a full cup of almond meal. Karina

Lauren @ Spiced Plate said...

oh, karina, this looks lovely. I love nut and fruit combos, they're so comforting.

Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day said...

That looks so good!

BealcA's Pad said...

I would have to substitute as I am also allergic to PB. The rest sounds yummy. Thanks.

The InTolerant Chef said...

My little daughter will soooo love this one, I'll make it this week for her, yumm...

pat @ said...

Wow, Karina, this sounds yummy. It brings back memories not only of peanut butter sandwiches with bananas, but of banana bread with peanut butter. Can't wait to try this new twist!

Thanks! Pat

miss jane said...

We've had a summer here in Australia full of floods and cyclones and in NZ the earthquake...Poor Japan. It is almost unbelievable. Thanks Katrina for revisiting this recipe. I've made it alot and it is always great.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Beautiful cake and sentiments, Karina. I love that it's grain free and sugar free. Our hearts go out to those in Japan as their struggles continue and are unfathomable.

xoxo to you, my dear,

inotu said...

This sounds delish, and I have a date chocolate frosting that would make it like a giant pb cup. Hmm, wish I didn't have any plans today so I could bake.

Elizabeth, blogging for SunButter said...

Hi Karina,
Another beautifully poetic post -- and lovely recipe. I'll try it with SunButter, of course. Thanks!

FabFrugalFood said...

What an inspired idea! Elvis would surely approve.

And thank you for the humbling reminder for empathy above all. My heart is just aching for the tragedy, and praying that my tiny donations will make some tiny impact somewhere, somehow.

kathie said...

Karina: love your recipes! What can I substitute for almond flour/meal? I'm allergic to almonds, (and peanuts).

Hilary said...

Made this last night in a square pyrex dish and it turned out delicious! Took a little bit longer to bake (more like 50 min) but still came out moist and fluffy. Used the brown sugar substitute and wasn't too sweet. Perfect light version of banana bread. Next time am going to try adding chocolate chips...Served it with vanilla frozen yogurt and it was perfect!

tracythomp said...

This was awesome! I made a chocolate glaze to make it a little more sweet and I served it for dessert. People loved it. I didn't have much to bring home so I guess I'll have to make another one! Thanks for the recipe!

Pam Rausin said...

Our son loves peanut butter so last night I made this cake. It was amazing! We all loved it including our daughter in law who loves all my gluten free cooking even though she does not eat gluten free. My husband wanted ice cream to go with it so we all splurged on a spoonful of vanilla. Thanks so much for the great recipes!

neva said...

Shoot! This didn't turn out! Too gooey in the middle and crispy on the outside. Any tips?

Karina Allrich said...

Neva- Sounds like it was not baked long enough. Test cakes with a toothpick in the center. Must emerge clean. Oven temps vary, pans vary, ingredient temps vary. Variables affect baking times. Karina

Karina Allrich said...

Kathie- If you can do another nut meal- say, cashew meal or hazelnut flour- those would work. If not- use a grainy gluten-free flour. Karina

Cindy said...

I made this cake for a family dinner this weekend, I mixed half almond butter and half sunflower seed butter. I then topped with a little cashew cream. It was a hit. It is a great receipe with the fiber we all need. Thanks for sharing this with us. Cindy

Anonymous said...

i made the pnut butter banana cake this weekend and paired it with your mexican chocolate sauce. Naughty, naughty but birthdays are but once a year! Our friends were totally open to the whole gluten free thing and totally loved it! thanks so much.

akblaine said...

This was a great recipe. My whole family loved it,except for the son with a wheat intolerance!

Val said...

I made this today and it turned out amazing! It is my new favourite cake to bake. Thank you so much for bringing such amazing foods into my life!
(Ps I used Pecan meal because I couldn't find almond meal and mixed in some chopped nuts for hidden surprises.... YUMMY)

Andrea said...

Hi Karina, I'm new to your site and you have instantly sucked me in with your way with words and with food! Just made this cake sans agave/sugar/honey (though I did use about 10 drops of liquid stevia and an extra egg). It was amazing! Also a huge fan of the dark chocolate brownies. My sincere thanks for your brilliance.

Avery said...

This is the best dessert I have ever put in my mouth! I've already made it three times and all my girlfriends have started making it on a regular basis too! Cannot thank you enough!

Isa said...

Hi Karina! I just wanted to say I made this cake with some modifications. I'm hoping it may be able to help some people with allergies, like it did me!
I subbed applesauce for the mashed bananas(I would say about one cupish, I never have been the measuring sort, hehe) sesame tahini for the peanut butter because my mom is highly allergic to sunflowers, maple syrup for the liquid sweetener, skipped the stevia, arrowroot mixed with water for the eggs, teff and brown rice mixture for the flour(recently found out I can't do sorghum, so these are the only two I can have) and abit of extra leavening.
I also added extra vanilla and cinnamon, because the ingredients I subbed needed it.
It turned out wonderfully!!! The texture wasn't as creamy because of the banana-apple sub, but it tasted uniquely amazing in flavour, and was so moist!!! I cannot thank you enough for this recipe, it was so easy to modify for me! It is the first baked good in a very, very long time that hasn't picked on my hypersensitive stomach, thanks so much!

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