Strawberries Citronge

Fresh strawberries macerated in Citronge
Strawberries Macerated in Citronge

With strawberries still so sexy and luscious I couldn't help myself. I had to buy a quart and slice them up for a cool dessert to offer our dashingly handsome new neighbor and friend Joey. After all, what beats fresh, ripe fruit in season, especially after a late and lazy August afternoon spent under the portal, sipping [um, several of] Joey's fabulously limey pucker-your-lips margaritas, and tasting a variety of sliced heirloom tomatoes (picked fresh that very day in a Taos garden) topped with thin dabs of marinated mozzarella (so creamy and basil-y and garlicky)?

I mean, what do you give a guest who brings such treasures? And what do you serve after all the heat and sparkle of smart and insightful conversation, and all the peachy glow of new friendship and discovery. The flutter of synchronicity. And I forgot to mention, the dinner itself [which I'll blog about soon, and share the recipes]. Nothing.

Nothing beats luscious summer strawberries. Especially when you macerate the ruby gems in a local favorite- Patron Citronge Orange Liqueur- and spoon them gently on melty scoops of dark chocolate sorbet served in Mexican stemmed Margarita glasses and share them under the stars.

As Bogart famously said in Casablanca, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Strawberries Citronge 

Gently hand wash and drain a quart of ripe fresh strawberries. Slice them into a bowl (removing the green tops). 

Toss lightly in a sprinkling of organic cane sugar [or raw agave, if you're not into the whole sugar thing]. 

Drizzle with Patron Citronge Orange Liqueur.

Toss lovingly. Cover and chill for a couple of hours.

Serve spooned over slightly softened dark chocolate sorbet. 

Sigh audibly.

Serves four.

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Jennifer said...

Wow, strawberries have been long gone from these parts for months; I'm so jealous.

Can I come be your neighbor?

sher said...

I think you have a very nice neighbor and he certainly deserved those beautiful strawberries! Lovely picture!

BNA said...

So envious...our strawberries are pale unfriendly things now.

karina said...

Jennifer ~

Yes. Come anytime. ;-)

Sher ~

Yes, he is a sweetie and deserved it all. Tonight we cooked together and made quite a tempting meal [will blog it soon]. We had fun.

bna ~

Don't you just hate that? When the strawberries fade into more straw than berry?

SusanV said...

Love it!

Forgive me, but I've tagged you:
Foodbloggers Meme.

Garrett said...

Oh yum! I did something like this called strawberries romanoff! Mash up half the berries afterward and mix them with some homemade whipped cream! Total yumness.
Beautiful pic btw!

karina said...

Hey Susan!

I thought this might be right up your alley. ;-) [And you're forgiven.]

Hey Garret!

How bad could THAT be? [and thanks!]. Cool blog, btw [yours].

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