It's a go - and I'll be back

It's a go - we're moving tomorrow! [closing in a week or so]. I'll be off-line for two weeks until I get myself a computer. I thought I might leave you with two views - the first, our backyard...

...and our view down the road...

Hasta luego, when I'll be cooking in my new kitchen [and blogging new recipes]!

love & a big sigh of relief from Northern New Mexico,


  1. Mare21:19

    Big yay!!

  2. Well done! The views are stunning!
    Who couldnt be happy there ... it looks so much like the views to be found in the French Alps ... yeah!


  3. Learay13:06

    I'm jealous! Those are gorgeous views.

  4. Beautiful! Congrats!

  5. I'm so happy for you! It's like looking at heaven. :) This is why the other one didn't work out--this is your home.

  6. The view is gorgeous! I was sad you didn't get the house you originally wanted, but I'm happy things are working out now. I'm going to try to make the chicken enchiladas with brown rice tortillas...mmmm...they look so good! I made your African Coconut and Chickpea soup and it was DELICIOUS!

  7. Cara23:13

    Just checking in on you. I'm so happy to hear you have found a new home, and I hope to read a new update soon! Good luck with everything!!


  8. I could explore all day! It looks beautiful. Good luck!


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