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Santa Fe Farmers' Market

Solo in a Crowd

This morning we walked to the Santa Fe Farmers' Market under cool cobalt skies lit by the morning sun, navigating our unsure path between elbow-nudging  shoppers glued to their cell phones and tiny women with big Indian earrings scooping up armloads of bagged organic mesclun greens, radishes, bok choy, and glistening spring onions like they were going out of style.

There were plenty of cherries, some beautiful twig furniture, and a kilted soloist playing bagpipes [a woman in a straw gardening hat held her cell phone aloft shouting to her connection, Can you hear it?].

We ignored the seductive displays of freshly baked herbed foccacia, brown sugar-cinnamon smothered muffins, country-style oat breads, and white chocolate chip cookies the size of dessert plates [it's only at times like these I chafe against the limits of living gluten-free] and admired instead the baby goats for sale, some impressive pots of sweet basil, one shopping couple's matching waist-long dreads, and the dexterity of a ten year old girl playing country fiddle.

There were giggling women in orange yoga-wear, and pale white turbaned Sikh's eating bread and homemade jam as they bought organic garlic and bunches of squeaky spinach. The breeze smelled like mint from Mexican baskets brimming with handmade soap, and I overheard a bearded cyclist say, If I don't get a girlfriend by the end of the year, I'm marrying the first woman I date in January.

All this played out to the deft ranchero stylings of a young Mariachi band from the local high school.

We walked back to the casita empty handed, silent, me, mildly overwhelmed by the jostling crowds and ruminating about the intricate diversity of Santa Fe, and the absorbing book I'd just read about the sixties by Bob Dylan, Chronicles: Volume One, hyper aware of my introverted nature.

xox Karina


  1. Lovely pics! Nice to see that you are alive and kickin' even if introvertely. I have to say that I like it best out here in the countryside because being alone here makes me feel less lonely...

  2. Looks like a beautiful market!

  3. KAnn22:41

    Oh, I just love the Santa Fe farmer's market! I hope we get down (from Denver) soon! It is a feast for the eyes and the senses.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful farmers market. I have to admit, crowds like that make me keenly aware of how much I enjoy being alone with my thoughts. Your photos for this piece are great.

  5. Your recent posts are making me consider a visit to New Mexico (I'm in southern Ontario, Canada. Thanks for the great pics and description of the Farmer's Market. Funny, but the food that I'm craving is a fat muffins smothered in icing; you've probably developed a gf version, right? I'll go check the archives :-)

  6. Well, your cooking and writing are extremely expressive. Probably your art as well. Wanted to thank you for this site; I am not celiac but often cook for people with special diets and if some guests need gf food and some are vegetarian that has always been one of the more challenging combinations. Keep it up.

  7. I'm envious of your farmers market's offerings--in Cleveland we're just getting past the lots-of-greens stage. The big news the last two weeks was strawberries, and I'm hoping for something new this Saturday.

  8. Wonderful, introspective post - thank you for the insight into this new place, the people there, and the gentle beginnings to your new life there.

  9. How beautifully you have described Santa Fe... The things I love and the things that encourage me to enjoy living in another state :)
    The photos of the fresh produce tempt me --- oh how they tempt me :)

  10. What a lovely thought you have of Santa Fe Market. Those cherries looks just right. How i wish i have some right now to nibble on.

  11. This market is jut great! Wonderful vegetables...

  12. just stunning selection!

  13. Hi again, Karina,

    I have great news! I am most likely going to be able to go back to Santa Fe this year with my mother for late December. We are definitely going to the Farmer's Market - we are so lucky that SF started their indoor winter market. We also plan on going to to the flea market, making a trip to 10,000 waves, and to see the Shidoni castings/pourings. I love NM; you are so lucky to live there! Is there anything else you recommend doing/seeing/eating/visiting/etc. in the area (we'll have a car).