Gluten-Free Chili - Our Favorite Recipe

Fabulous gluten-free chili
Our favorite gluten-free chili- hearty winter comfort.



A chilly winter light slices into a SANTA MONICA apartment and illuminates every cobweb. (Obviously, a certain individual has been neglecting house work again). Said individual sighs audibly. Glances sideways into the mirror hanging above the kitchen sink cluttered with coffee spoons, grilled cornbread crumbs and half-filled tea mugs. She could never pass for Martha Stewart. Not in a million years. 


Good gravy. Look at all the dust balls. 


So what. What's a dust bunny or two? 

(glancing up from his laptop)

I’ll vacuum later. Or next Tuesday.


My hero.

(dragging out the Crock Pot from under the sink)

This calls for chili.


Our Favorite Gluten-Free Chili Recipe

Recipe posted February 2006.

We always improvise our chili and no two recipes are ever the same, but this is an approximation of this week's recipe. (Sometimes I'll add sausage. Pieces of organic free-range chicken or turkey would also work. Vegans- use vegetable broth and garnish with chopped herbs, scallions or crumbled corn chips.)


1 tablespoon olive oil
4 cloves of garlic, minced
1 medium red or sweet onion, diced
2 jalapeños, seeded, stemmed, diced
1 large yellow bell pepper, seeded, cored, diced
1 medium green or red bell pepper, seeded, cored, diced
2 medium carrots, sliced into coins
2 cups butternut or banana squash, diced
1 medium sweet potato, peeled, diced
2 cups gluten-free broth
1 28-oz.can Muir Glen Fire Roasted Tomatoes
1 15-oz. can pinto, black or white beans, rinsed, drained
1 teaspoon ground cumin, or to taste
1 teaspoon gluten-free curry or chili powder, or to taste
Sea salt and fresh ground black pepper, to taste
Lime juice, to taste


Hot red pepper flakes, if desired, for more heat

For serving:

Fresh lime wedges to brighten the flavor
Fresh chopped cilantro or parsley
A dab of sour cream or Greek yogurt, if desired


Pour the olive oil into a slow cooker or Crock Pot. Add the garlic and onion and stir to coat. Add in the remaining ingredients. Break apart the tomatoes a bit. Cook on low or high according to the manufacturer’s instruction for your particular make and model.

Go do something creative. Dance. Read. Draw with crayons.

Before serving, taste for seasoning adjustments- add a bit of raw organic agave nectar to tone down the heat. Add lime juice to brighten the flavors.

Omnivores add your favorite cooked organic sausage, browned grass fed organic ground beef, or cooked free-range organic turkey or chicken pieces, if you like.

Serve with wedges of Sweet Potato Cornbread or New Irish Soda Bread with Millet.

Kiss your favorite person.

Serves 4.

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xox Karina


SusanV said...

That is a lovely photo. It certainly looks like the comfort food I've been craving lately.

And hurrah for husbands who vacuum! I see you got the other one. ;-)

Jennifer said...

The comfort of chili and a husband who doesn't get much better than that! Maybe it's something about men who are artists (my husband is a printmaker)...? At any rate, the chili sounds lovely, and I love an excuse to pull out my crock pot!

Catherine said...

Hi Karina,

What a beautiful photograph! I love your beautiful site!

tina said...

What can I say... this was amazing! My 4 year old announced that she LOVES IT and my husband said IT'S A KEEPER! I omitted the hot peppers (because of my spice-resistant 4 year old) and added baked beans in place of the pinto and also grass-fed ground beef. Leftovers the next day were even better!
Thank you for your recipes and your blog. I am GF/CF and also have some additional food allergies. You continue to inspire me and I have yet to be disappointed by anything that I've tried.
Thank you!

Amy said...

I made Two Artists Chili yesterday to take to an Easter brunch. (Ok, it was 76 at the beach and 90 inland in San Diego, but hey! It looked good.) I have to tell you, Karina. You make me look like a hero. When I walked in with Two Artists Chili and your new Irish Soda Bread, everyone oohed and ahhed. Even the group of college boys home on spring break attacked the chili, returning for more. And most amazing? My own son had two helpings. Of something full of vegetables!!! (And he wolfed down the bread - and he's not gluten intolerant.)

My friends now think that ever since I developed food allergies, I eat better than they do! (Which is probably true.)

My delicious reportoire is primarily due to what I am learning from you, and I don't know how I can ever adequately thank you. I tell everyone who will listen about your amazing site, but what I know from experience is that some folks need a good motivator to get out of the box. Food allergies are the best motivator I know.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and creativity with all of us. Your photos are beautiful, your writing inspirational, and your recipies divine. And if you had not developed food allergies of your own, you would not be here to help out all of us gluten intolerant, can't eat this and can't eat that folks out here who are searching for a change from cardboard and plain grilled chicken breast.

Thank you from the bottom of my gluten, soy, dairy, egg, brewers & bakers yeast, millet, walnut, and pineapple intolerant heart.

Annette said...

Made this wonderful chili last week...I absolutely loved it!! My 16 yo son's comment was..."it's really good, but what am I eating?"
My 14 yo daughter said.."wow, mom, this is the best ever...can you make this EVERY day??" My husband thought it was a bit I added a bit more chili powder and all was great. I used black beans, Kidney beans and pintos...loved the combo of butternut and sweet potato with the spices. A very tasty heart warmer on a bitterly cold day. Thank you for sharing...this is the best yet.

Question: Have you come across a good light weight GF bread recipe? I have always baked our bread, but now that I am GF, all of the recipes I have found make very dense heavy bread. They're great with soups/stews but don't make avery good sandwich or toast. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your great recipes.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Karina!

Accolades to you! This is a fantastic recipe!! I made it today for a work event (chili cook-off) and came in 3rd place. Had many wonderful compliments on the chili - thanks to you!

Definitely a recipe I'll be making again and again!


Karina Allrich said...

Note: A version of this chili (named two Artists Chili) was rescued from the archives. It's too good (and too easy) a recipe to miss, so I am sharing our updated version.

Stay cozy and warm! xox


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

I recently bought a smaller (4 quart) crockpot, and have had a great time improvising recipes like this one. I usually combine cooking on high for a while, and cooking on low for a while. No two chili dishes are ever the same, but that's the fun, isn't it?

spiceandmore said...

Gorgeous photo...looks so lovely and healthy too. I think I might try my own version of improvised chilli tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

Dawn said...

You are such a wonderful writer Karina. And your post reminded me of me...I'll never be Martha Stewart either.

tastyeatsathome said...

Wow - third veggie chili I've seen today! There's definitely a chilly-weather (haha, or chili-weather...get it?) theme going on. This sounds delicious indeed!

Amanda Acton said...

I just thought I'd drop in and say hi. My doc has put me on an "elimination diet" because he suspects food sensitivities are the cause of my asthma, eczema and sinus. He also told me the most likely culprits are dairy and gluten. I've been browsing to prepare myself in the event that he's right. (I'm nine days into the diet and feel better. I'm sure he's on to something.)

It will probably be a while before I try to reintroduce either wheat or dairy. I'm not looking forward to the potential side effects of this experiment. At least living without them hasn't felt horrible. I like vegetables, but I miss the convenience of bread. Also, I came into contact with a baggy of reeces pieces today and nearly keeled over with cravings.

The chilli is a bit hot for the weather I'm experiencing here in South Africa, but it does look yummy. I'll be watching your blog and awaiting my "diagnosis"

Suzanne said...

this dish looks amazing..I must give it a try!

Becky said...


i've mentioned this before but i am an avid reader of your food blog. we try something new of yours atleast once a week and you have yet to fail me! i was wondering if you had any tips on a GF 72 hour kit. with all the craziness going around, i want to be able to put together a bag with some GF goodies that would work well for a 72 hour kit. the one i use (not GF) has granola bars, MREs, etc. I know you can buy some GF kits but I want to be more frugal and do it on my own. Not so much of a food question per se, more of a tip. Thoughts?

Alaina said...

How long should I cook the chili if I cook it on high with a standard slow cooker? Thanks so much. Your recipes ROCK and my husband always LOVES them!

Paz said...

Yum! Very delicious-looking and sounding.


Meghan said...

Karina -

This looks great! How long does this need to cook for in the crock pot?



Karina Allrich said...

Thanks, everyone!

As for the time factor--- Crock-Pots come in all shapes and sizes.

Use the basic chili settings for your particular make and model. Your manufacturer has instructions.

High cooks faster, low cooks slower.


Ken D Berry MD said...

Chili that is good for you! There is a God.
Also, by preparing this beautiful Chili in a big ole cast-iron pot you can double or triple the iron content. Fight anemia the pioneer way!

Blauerdrakken said...

Thanks for the Recipe! You did not indicate how much meat is needed, but I'm sure that I can figure that part out quite easily. Having to hunt for good recipes is one of the great many things that I HATE about having to be Gluten Free... but the choice was that or Death, so... Thank You for making the quest for Gluten Free recipes a little easier on me.

Lora said...

I used this recipe for the first time for my daughter's school function and it was a hit! A chili fanatic raved about it. Thanks for sharing this very yummy recipe.

I can't wait to make more of this.

Keep Calm Bake On said...

I made this two weeks in a row. Made if for my niece and nephew (both under 6 years old) and it was a hit.
I used 1 pound ground turkey; 2 Tbsp cumin and curry and left out the cayenne, so it wasn't too spicy for the kids.
A tip: don't cut jalapenos and then touch your it burns!
I prefer this to traditional chilis. I'll be making it over and over.

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