Lime Chicken Taco Fun

Gluten-Free Lime Chicken Tacos Recipe
 Fast + delicious- lime chicken tacos.

Grilling season is upon us. But don't you worry, sweetcakes. This particular gluten-free goddess is not going to waste a heartbeat lamenting hot dog buns. And I'm not going to spend hours in the kitchen trying to replicate hamburger rolls, that even in their wheat loaded incarnation were more of a starchy dry-as-dirt nuisance. Something invented to hold the all fixins' together, but that, when push came to shove, I ended up tearing off piece by piece, peeling around the edges to get to the good stuff.

This was ages before the California In N Out protein style burger was invented (which was, in my humble, wheat-free opinion, sheer, utter low carb genius). Who knew a burger wrapped in lettuce leaves would be so darn tasty? But I digress. Let's get back to the barbecue question.

Are you going to pine for long lost spongy buns?

Or are you going to choose a different path? A lip-smacking New Mexican inspired path. A lime infused roll your own tortilla path. That's right, I'm talking lime chicken tacos.

Everyone likes to roll their own soft tacos and fajitas. So grill up some garlicky lime drenched chicken and assemble all the fixin's for an outdoor barbecue fiesta. You won't miss the buns.

Taco Night at Casa Allrich means plenty of fresh limes, garlic and yes, tequilla. Los Lobos in the CD player. Long meandering conversations about the best margaritas in Santa Fe, coyotes on the mesa, Val Kilmer (have you seen him as the weed growing sherpa on Entourage?) and his off set affection for the The Pink Adobe, the lure of living off the grid like Campbell Scott's indie Off the Map, Georgia O'Keeffe's penchant for garlic sandwiches, Zen, and daily walks, and Mabel Dodge Luhan's Winter in Taos.

Not to mention, Jim Harrison (who winds up in almost every conversation I have these days).

Gluten-Free Taco Ingredients
Lime chicken tacos- gluten-free.

Lime Chicken Tacos Recipe

I like to marinate the chicken overnight. But if you only have an hour or two- go for it. Marinate, kick back and sip a margarita with someone you love.


For the marinade:

4 split organic free-range chicken breasts (boneless saves time)
4 cloves of fresh garlic, chopped
1/4 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons agave
A pinch of cumin, to taste- or some chopped cilantro, if you like
Fresh ground pepper

For the taco fixin's:

4 vine-ripe tomatoes, chopped
2 cups shredded Romaine lettuce
1 cup shredded sharp Cheddar, Jack or dairy-free cheese
8-10 fresh and soft white corn tortillas (Mission are gluten-free)
3-4 fresh limes cut into wedges


Rinse the chicken briefly in cold water and pat dry. Place in a shallow glass or non-reactive dish.

In a small bowl combine the garlic, lime juice, olive oil, agave, cumin and fresh ground pepper. Pour the marinade over and under the chicken breasts. Cover tightly and marinate for at least an hour; overnight is even better.

When the grill is hot, remove the chicken from the dish and discard the marinade.

Grill the chicken over medium-high heat until it is cooked through and is no longer pink inside- about 12 to 15 minutes.

Assemble and ready your remaining taco fixin's.

Place the cooked chicken on a clean cutting board and slice thin.

Serve your tacos at a room temperature, if pliable and very fresh; or heat them gently. Here's what I do.

In a clean skillet or griddle, heat a scant amount of olive oil and briefly heat the white corn tortillas one or two at a time, coating them with just a scant amount of oil to soften them; remove to a tortilla warmer lined with a clean, warm towel.

Have everyone assemble their own tacos.

Serves 4.

 photo Print-Recipe.png

Serve these tacos with fresh Kicked Up Rockin' Guac, Roasted Vegetable Salsa and sour cream, if desired.


Elise said...

Oh how I love chicken tacos! Gorgeous photographs, Karina!

karina said...

Thanks, Elise! I can't wait to make these again.

MB said...

Very simple, very fast and very good! Loved the fresh flavors!

Karina Allrich said...

Thanks, MB! Fresh and fast are what I like. ;)

celticjig said...

I know this post is two years old, but I linked to it from GF Mommy and was surprised to see your comment about Jim Harrison. I am a huge Jim Harrison fan and he lived in my hometown for many years. I am sad he moved to Montana, the bar at the Bluebird in Leland MI won't be the same! I am reading one of his latest books right now when I am on my exercise bike! Ginger

Karina said...

Hey Celticjig- Yes, I love Jim Harrison's writing. Especially his non-fiction. And poetry. And Wolf is one of my favorite books. I loved his autobiography, too. He is my Baba Ram Jimmy. ;)

Have you met him?


Karina said...

This lime chicken tacos post is a revised, spiffed up version of an older recipe (some comments above may reflect that fact).

Have a safe and healthy holiday weekend, Everyone!


Helene said...

This looks so good and the pictures are great.

kathyinozarks said...

this recipe looks fabulous thank you, I am so enjoying your blog recipes.
I have also set up a link to your blog from my multiply blog to share with my friends.Kathyinozarks

Christian and Karina said...

Karina- you are an amazingly talented and witty person, I hope you know. I am soo grateful for you blog! Thank you!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Yum, I have been grilling like mad (or rather, sending my husband out to it) and love this idea.

Is there a type of cheese substitute you like? You and I have many of the same restrictions, and I don't even know what brands of 'cheeze' to try, if any.

Gluti Girl said...

It's so weird how I don't miss buns. It leaves more room for side dishes anyway! But what I like even better is a hot dog in a tortilla! Way better than a bun.

The chicken tacos look delish!

Karina said...

Helene and Kathy- Thanks so much!

Christian & Karina- Sweet! (Cool name, too.;)

Hi Sally- In truth I don't use any prepared non-dairy cheese. They're off limits for me due to soy, nut or pea protein.

Years ago I used to like Soya Kaas (spelling?)-- however, I do NOT know the current gluten-free status of it.

For "cheese" I make my own vegan cheese sauce- which is really, really good (in my archives as Karina's Cheesy Uncheese). I'm going to experiment with making it thicker to use on a pizza style crust.

But as for shredded cheese- it's been a full year without now. Shrug. My digestion has improved so much since going GFCF, however, that I really can't complain.

Hope that helps- sorry I couldn't help you more!

Hi Gluti Girl! I know- I honestly don't miss buns either- hence no recipes for rolls or buns here. I rarely even make gluten-free bread. I love tortillas.

I do want to create my own flatbread, though.



M-Elle said...

Thanks for this awesome recipe! I just made these with one of my girlfriends the other day, but we didn't have access to a grill so we stirfried the chicken. It wasn't bad, but I prefer grilling them. I've also made them into vegan fajitas by making the sauce and pouring it over peppers and onions before stirfrying them, it tasted great!

Joe Horn said...

Hey Karina, Love the blog as always. Come take a look at the chicken tacos I just did when you have a minute. Thanks so much.


Karina said...

m-elle- Sounds yummy! Thanks- and glad you like the recipe. ;)


Amanda on Maui said...

Are split breasts whole chicken breasts? Would this be 2 whole chicken breasts, or 4?

ilovecj1&2 said...

I have spent 3 hours looking at all of your blogs and fantastic yummy sounding recipies! I am excited about staying on my GF diet this go round, and can't bellieve it took me a year to stumble onto your fab. site! I have the power to control what I eat, and we can still eat yummy food..back to the basics of 'cooking' and less of the pre packaged, styrofoam tasting yuck that I've tried.
I am thankful that after all the books I have read, webpages visited, and not to healing for me forums that I have see over the last year since DX' that I finally have a guide, source, inspriation to look towards. I have to do this for myself, my husband, and my little boy. I want to see him grow up. I may not have the ability to take control of my Lupus or RA, but I can the Celiac; & maybe...just maybe this will help the other things get better too!
I have a huge list of items for upcoming meals, & desserts sprinkled in, thanks to you! (sorry about the long rambeling, I am just so excited that I have finally found a glimpse of what can be!)
Thank you again, & many Blessings to you & yours!

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